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Looking for something affordable and handmade this Holiday season? Try these friends of mine:

For wire jewelry with semiprecious and precious stones go check out [ profile] rhienelleth's Byzantium Lotus. As an extra bonus, she's offering a sale until Sunday! Use the coupon code Xmas2010 at checkout to save 20% off their entire order. This includes items already on sale, like the gorgeous Jewels of Hatshepsut Egyptian Coil Bracelet, which is already marked down 30%

For holiday ornaments, gift tags, magnets and some other fun clay stuff check out [ profile] winifred's Wayard Clay Baubles.

For bellydance skirts, vintage outfits and patterns and vintage and steampunk findings head over to [ profile] cheriezel's Sew Cherie.

For beaded wonders in bracelet, earring, necklace and wine glass flavors go check out [ profile] scarlettina's Rain City Arts.

For lovely art on just about everything including iPhone cases go see [ profile] mischief_wa's Cobalt Moon. She carries animal, holiday and geek art, so she's got something for everyone on your list!

My friends make some pretty cool shit, and these ones actually sell it! Go out and support handmade gifts!

Date: 2010-12-29 06:29 am (UTC)
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Hey thanks for the plug!

BTW, I have a new LJ identity.

Same Mischief, new LJ. I'd appreciate it if you would 'friend' me back. =)

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