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So, my birthday has been really difficult since I became an adult. I had pretty much given up on it since it seemed cursed, but when the Scott and I got together he declared war on my birthday; and the first one we spent together was great, a night out at Entros a restaurant filled with games, puzzles, costume activities that was so awesome I can't believe it closed. Then he gave me my lost 8th birthday and that was awesome too. The others were good, but not horrible...and the best was three years ago when I had a Goth/80's Skate Party and the following day some of my girlfriends and I spent the day at Olympus Spa getting the full treatment.

Last year was bad everything went wrong, and was a mess. This year wins the Fuck You award though.

It stared with plans not getting set in advance due to unemployment, new job, sudden travel, a 25 day long cold, a  minor car accident and a plumbing leak. Finally deciding to do an all call to go to the local Skate King's Saturday night open skate we sent out an all call to friends and asked them to join us. By Friday we had two yes, fair number of no and a number of unknowns. And I was getting concerned about the birthday curse coming back. Friday night at the dance practice party Grant badgered me until I gave up the fact that it was my birthday the next day and the curse stuff. Then he was upset because somehow my birthday wasn't marked, and I should have told him a week ago. So then he had everyone sing happy birthday and a group hug from everyone there which got all awkward. Then there were problems with a couple of students and me and all-in-all it was a lame night, no matter how hard the teachers tried to make it a good one. By Saturday afternoon we were down to one yes, and a lot of nos and a number of unknowns. I was feeling down and less than awesome when the doorbell rang and someone had sent me flowers! [ profile] rhienelleth had sent them to me knowing how unhappy I was about the whole birthday thing this year, and just because she's that kind of awesome. I wanted to just cancel and stay home but with all the unknowns, it wasn't really feasible. So after an indulgent Taco Bell crap food splurge (and the Doritos tacos are awesome - second highlight of the day) we got ready and headed to the Skate King.

Where I got out of the car turned and the door closed and latched on my right ring finger. I dropped the keys, opened the door and got my hand free. After that there was a lot of swearing, a little crying out of sheer frustration and pain, and a call to the one person we knew was coming. Ultimately we finally got the new insurance web page to give us a in network hospital 10 miles away - since at this point I was pretty sure it was broken. We get to the ER, and sure enough it's busted. The tip is crushed, but together. Then the husband gave me my present; tickets to Amaluna, third highlight of the day. There were a couple of priceless texts from a couple of friends. Eventually we found an open pharmacy and got the uber Advil prescription. Stopped and picked up a Veggie Mondo Burrito at Taco de Mar came home and had dinner with TV and then I went to bed with my first pain pill on board. And I still managed to be under my calorie count for the day.

The pain pill turned out to be useless. But I am so very glad for my high pain tolerance, and glad that the pain is already about half as bad. Managed my usual stretches and yoga with only a few exceptions. So now we go into the next four weeks figuring out how to live mostly left handed.

Oh, and birthdayless because even the husband gives up.
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