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Big Cats' Halloween!


Oct. 29th, 2010 12:32 pm
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Too cute for words. Wet little kitties!

Spirit Day

Oct. 17th, 2010 11:48 am
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Originally posted by [ profile] neo_prodigy at Spirit Day

It’s been decided. On October 20th, 2010, we will wear purple in honor of the 6 gay boys who committed suicide in recent weeks/months due to homophobic abuse in their homes at at their schools. Purple represents Spirit on the LGBTQ flag and that’s exactly what we’d like all of you to have with you: spirit. Please know that times will get better and that you will meet people who will love you and respect you for who you are, no matter your sexuality. Please wear purple on October 20th. Tell your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors and schools.

RIP Tyler Clementi, Seth Walsh (top)
RIP Justin Aaberg, Raymond Chase (middle)
RIP Asher Brown and Billy Lucas. (bottom)

REBLOG to spread a message of love, unity and peace.

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My life it's been busy here are the quick highlights:

I've been working on dance and have accustomed myself to Miss P's leading, and have been making much progress. I have completed the first half of Bronze (receiving an A in both tests) and am now doing what they call "Silver Amalgamation" and have added Cha-cha to my majors. At this point the only thing I'm missing is Rumba and The Meringue - and while I'm OK with learning Rumba (we did that for my wedding) I despise the Meringue. Soon I'll be moving to Silver (two more tests to go) and that will be awesome.

Miss P and I are getting along swimmingly, which is good and I'm trying to come up with a good dance idea for the spring showcase. I have one awesome idea for a Tango, but because they are not having a fall showcase, I won't be able to take the Tango slot until next fall. Total bummer, it's an awesome idea. So if you can think of a song that'd be good for two girls, that fits a ballroom dance that isn't a Tango, Waltz or Samba and isn't objectionable (for example Lady Marmalade was OK, but apparently U + Ur Hand is not) let me know.

Well, I'm still doing about 5 hours a week of Ballroom dance, and most weeks I do Yoga for 20 minutes 5 times a week. I lose weight, I gain it back, I do the twist...

Really it's all up in the air and is still totally random. *sigh*

Social Stuff:
Have managed to see some people, lost touch with others. It comes it goes, but we're probably more social than we've been in a long while. Am working on a new project for a monthly event - and it's going well - but more on that when it solidifies. Have been more crafty thanks to [ profile] winifred's awesome craft night - hmmm maybe I should make icons today...

Well, it's me, so of course there's this category. We almost made it a whole year without anyone dying, just short by a month and a half. We lost a moderately distant family member, but the drama around it is out of control and is hurting people close to me, and that totally pisses me off.

I've seen some movies, most of them were good. Inception wasn't the ground breaker for me that it was for most people - but it was good. Salt was a fun ride, but not deep. Toy Story 3 - which while good, had a whole death section I could have totally done without. Looking forward to HP 7 - although I still can't fathom why they split this book. I'm cautiously looking forward to the next Narnia too.

And a recommendation:
I've never read 9 Chickweed Lane, but they ran a story that was a solid arc which started in Nov of 2009, ending just days ago - and it is so awesome, I can't even tell you. I cried, I wondered, I laughed, I gasped. It is available here and if you like a good story with awesome art you should go read it immediately.

In closing I'm hoping I'll start updating here more regularly. I'm still reading though....
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This looks like a very bad, bad, hilarious spoof.

Coming to a theater near you in August.
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Gods how I hate the heat I've never really liked it, and thought the upper 80's were warm enough, but as I have gotten older (and heavier) the heat now really kills me. These days if I'm exposed to direct sunlight for too long I break out in a rash - usually the arm on the window side of the car these days. I can't be outside in the sunshine without a hat, or I get pounding headaches, and overheat twice as fast. If I'm outside and it's very hot (with or without hat) any exertion that isn't in cold water will send me into a fast pseudo form of heat stroke, where I get a little loopy and light headed and my face turns bright red with white streaks. And then I run away.

I wish we had the kind of summers we used to. Where 90 degrees was a once in a blue moon kind of thing, not regular occurrence. I feel like I need to move...but where?

Add to this that Curves doesn't have air-conditioning, and I'm missing my workouts this week. ARGH! So, I'm feeling guilty, and yet I think I made the right choice. But it's still irritating - I don't know how many workouts I'm going to miss due to heat this summer.

I am so glad we got air-conditioning, it was definitely a good for my health choice, but even with it a comfortable 71 in here - I feel trapped and hunted by the sun, and warm.

And I feel so bad for everyone who doesn't have it.
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So, my instructor has moved on, and I've had the first few lessons with my new instructor Miss. P.

And I want to whine. But I don't want anyone to think that she's not a good dancer, or think that I dislike her. But gods I want to whine.

I like her, but she's a very subtle lead - and I don't know her as well, and I don't have the kind of acquired trust that I had with Mr. L. This means that my learning speed has dropped down by more than half. With Mr. L I usually learned 4 new patters, and sometimes as many as 5-6 per lesson. So far we're at 2 new patterns per lesson. What's slowing us down is two things: The first is that she's not really aware of how fast I learn, the second is that I learn it quickly, but when we blend (the new patterns in a random order while doing the dance they are from) I have a hard time, because I can't follow her very well, so I'm fighting her, and missing the we blend for a very long time. Lesson takes about 10 minutes and the blending takes the rest of the half hour, then we change and do it again in another dance.

I keep telling myself that this will, ultimately make me a better dancer and a better follow. Also Miss. P is much more about nitpicky technique in the forefront, than Mr. L was - we did have lessons in it, but they generally were separate lessons, where Miss. P is into the technique in each lesson (at least so far.)

But the joy and easy dance and the fabulous gliding and talking across the floor is gone. I used to get though the "dance parties" and the group lessons where I was dancing with people who couldn't lead (they're learning of course and we're at the same level, and honestly some of them just suck) by knowing that I could follow it up with a lesson with Mr. L where it would be natural and easy - and now it's all difficult and hard and uncomfortable.

So, I'm in a whining mood and not excited to go to dance class. And, it looks like the people the owner is looking to hire, may not actually already know Ballroom dance. *bangshead*

And, before you suggest I leave, I'm stuck there for quite a while. I paid for lessons in advance and there's no refunds.

I am however thinking of adding a Ballet class this fall - I found a place in Seattle that only teaches adults, and now apparently you can learn to get on Pointe past forty years old - obviously it's going to take a while. But it's something I've always wanted to be able to do, and it's the kind of muscle I want to have, long and lean. Downside, they require the leotard and tights. Guess I'm going to have to shove my vanity in the box, and just suck it up. They also have a prep course "Pilates for Ballet" that I might do first. We'll just have to see. One of these days on my way to dance class, I'm going to hit the Ballet studio and ask questions.

If anyone knows of an adult Contemporary or Modern dance class let me know. I'm looking at branching out. :)

Also still working out twice a week at Curves and doing the daily Yoga. And, I'm pretty sure I'm not loosing weight anymore, but I'll do a weighing/measurement tomorrow and we'll see. I'm going to try to keep this up even if I don't loose the weight. I just have to remind myself that it does good things for my body, even if it doesn't really do anything I can see. My blood pressure had dropped the last time I hit the doc, so that's good, right?

Still fucking depressing.

And without that joy of dance that I had as the main motivator for all's so much tougher.

And now off to prep for dance class.


Ah, Mr. L my life does suck without you.
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Aparently part one of the Deadly Hallows is coming out this November. In 3D no less.


And, seems like the Narnia troubles are fixed and The Voyage of the Dawn Treader is coming out in December (Christmas time). Nifty. (Also in 3D - anyone else feel like the 80's are back? Although they use it better these days. Less shock, more realisim.)

And, there's even trailers.

Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Although I still have to say, Susan gets screwed and it's irritating. For boys and makeup, seriously? Anyhoo....

I've also heard that Last Airbender is getting shit reviews. I'll see what [ profile] rhienelleth thinks - since she'll see it before me. Since the claim is that the plot is crap, I'm having a hard time buying it since M. Night is a huge freaking fan boy of the show - and didn't want to cut anything from the first season...Well, we'll see.
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Last night we went out with [ profile] sgoilear and his wife C to finally pay them back for the time and effort put into the birthday surprise computer. Their choice of restaurant is traditionally Morton's Steak House. I swear, dinner there is like two days worth of food. So good though, and well worth it. It was great to hang out about and talk, and they finally (shows you just how fubar'ed we've been) got the nickel tour of the house.

So today I got up, did yoga, then went and got Curves out of the way, and later tonight I have dance - an hour private lesson (please let it not be too 'brisk'...) and then another hour doing a group lesson.

I also sent out some overnight mail.

Yep. Go me. (YAWN) What I could really use is a nap.

Also, I've tried Glee and been sucked in. Well, we've been sucked in, more accurately. So, now I need lots of reruns so I can pick up the last half of the first season so I can have more GLEE! NOW! Not later in September when the whole season comes out on Blu-ray.

Um...if anyone happens to have those pre-recorded or anything...*makes hand sign* Call Me.

Maybe soon I'll have a not life list post and instead something entertaining or thoughtful...

And then the world will end.

I think I need a dance or exercise icon.....hmmmm
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Anyone looking for a regular DVD copy of:

The Producers
The Dark Crystal
House of Flying Daggers
Batman Begins

Comment and let me know and it's yours. (First come first served rules.) Assuming I don't have to ship it anywhere. :)
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The magnitude of events in your life is overwhelming ME to the point that I don't know what to say -- I can't even fathom how you must feel right now.

"Jesus! So, do you want to go out with me and start smoking now? Or maybe you should take up drinking, hell, skip it all and start taking fucking drugs. SOMETHING. I don't know how you're still upright."

I'm imagining that there's something cheerful and encouraging and appropriate I could say, and that I'm saying it right now. However, I read the Book of Job long ago with a study partner who'd had a year like yours, and he explained to me what it was like to be Job in sackcloth and ashes while the neighbors came and said things they thought would be helpful. Why, he asked, did no one bring Job home baked casseroles?

Good heavens - I have to admit, keeping up is hard.


Here's hoping next year is better, but I don't have much hope I'm afraid.
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I was thinking mostly [ profile] apostle and maybe [ profile] xlana's Geekboi, but if anyone else has the time and skills to help, I'd be grateful. Probably in the way of food. :)

What I need to do, basically is get a very bright LED light to hook up with batteries and a switch - and all fit into the shape of a wand. Ultimately I'm making three of them, and I'm looking for purple, blue and green lights. I've got a set of clear lights, and have gone looking for batteries, but then found colored lights, but not purple - but they needed a 9 volt battery. About there, I realized I was kind of over my head, and help would not be a bad idea.

So, anyone who is willing and able to give me a hand (after the Holidays is very fine I'm pretty busy here too) and go with me and get the components, and help me solder them together would be grand.

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Looking for Gifts (Christmas and Beyond)?

Try these:

For lovely line and full art, see [ profile] mischief_wa's Cobalt Moon Store. With neat t-shirts, and holiday cards it's fabu!

For wire style beaded jewelry see [ profile] rhienelleth's Byzantium Lotus Jewelry for beautiful pendants, necklaces and earrings. For some great beading supplies check out her supply shop Byzantium Treasures.

Also in the beading family see [ profile] scarlettina's Rain City Arts for more traditional string beaded style jewelry in a cute, chic style. General jewelry and wine glass charms.

For Vintage and Steampunk clothes check out [ profile] cheriezel's Sewing and Crafts Store.

For Claylike Wonders see [ profile] winifred's Wayward Clay Baubles She's got some lovely clay items and is just getting started. Her "Holly Jolly Roger's" are perfect for that Christmas Pirate, and her Santas are pretty cute too!


Nov. 20th, 2009 12:39 pm
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Cue the sinus sore throat ick.


I hate being sick like this.

Husband seems to be fighting something (probably this) off. So much for getting stuff done this weekend. (Needed to hit the train store for lights, and Michaels for Sculpey, and start work on parts for the costumes. Was hoping to try and get together and craft with [ profile] winifred. Bugger.)

Need to pick up survival stuff today and then spend the weekend in blanket wrapped medicated TV watching video game haze.

It's so much more fun when you do it to be lazy.
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Took Mom to the doc, and the bone marrow biopsy was totally clean.

No virus, fungus, bacteria, cancer, pre-cancer cells, tumors, toxins or anything. And one really, really weird disease left that is treatable, and he's going to test for that.

K. So, now what?

Blood draw every week for three months, trying to find out if her blood counts crash and then she gets the infection, or the infection arrives first and crashes her blood counts. Let's hope we catch the next one before splash-down.


Let's hear it for no cancer at least!
And for being home again. It's nice.
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In the end the house was cleaned the guests arrived, and absolute havoc happened with the XOBX connections, creating no less than three trips to Fry's and the last trip ended with a dud Ethernet cable. That was about when the swearing hit full volume and long length. In the end we used the shorter cable and had the guest's XBOX precariously perched - but it worked and much play was had by the boys. Lots of 2AM late nights. Good talk, good food and some costume based crafting trips for us girls. (Oh, and they brought us a wireless router, so now we have that for those guests who are laptop happy.)

Random good luck roll - getting lights at the Lowes next door, I finally found lamp shades for those damn lamps in the Library!

They are off back to home, but we had a great time and I can't wait to do it again - maybe for just a bit longer next time.

Just going to try to stay on top of the house work going forward. :)

PS - Thanks for the offer [ profile] twilight2000, but I didn't get back to LJ until after the deadline. :)
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The stupid "stainless-steel" fridge killed me.

Fuck it.

We can finish the rest of it tomorrow.

Sure we can.We have to - all that's left is the rest of the kitchen, some mopping, and all the rooms that the guests will be staying in! LOL

Nothing like hysteria, is there? I hate you, fridge I hate you.

I'm going to go watch TV.
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We have company coming this week. The house is a certified "Pit of Despair" and we're busily cleaning it in preparation for our guests.

Today, very late we started in the library or "pool room". Which is fine and all - except for the fact that we've finally accrued enough un-shelved books to require us to re-shuffle all of the book cases. Three hours later and we've dusted and adjusted two shelves. TWO out of six. I suppose I should point out that the shelves are 6 ft tall and just under 2ft wide. But, on the good news side, the reference section with all of the BIG books is done, and the ones that needed the most adjustment. I hate reclassifying books. Next is mostly paper backs and comics to be done after dinner, that at least, should go faster.

And then tomorrow I can dust everything else, Windex the windows and mop. And then we move to the next room....

Good thing they are coming late on Friday. :)
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So. I quit writing much on LJ, largely because I couldn't think of anything that wasn't so fucking depressing and horrific to write about, and after a while you just don't want to torture other people with the way you are being trampled.

Things seem to have quieted down in our lives. (Hang on while I knock on wood - there, done.) And so I'm going to attempt to start writing again.

I know the three of you that actually follow this journal will be shocked and surprised.

So, we'll see. Here's hoping that I can get back to using this the way I wanted to.
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Today Ankhet who's been a bit peaky for the last month or so, was lethargic and breathing really heavily (since we have air conditioning, we knew it wasn't heat related) this afternoon and so we took her to VSC, the emergency vet we use.

After a look, an emergency ultrasound, fluid drain from the chest cavity and an x-ray - the diagnosis was carcinoma that had made very heavy inroads on the liver and the lungs. A month of survival on the outside (the rainbow and unicorn outside limit) and even after the fluid drain she wasn't breathing easily, she was laboring to breathe, not massively, but enough to look uncomfortable.

We decided based on Ankhet's personality, that she'd rather go now, while it was just uncomfortable. And, when Dr. Polly said that she could be behind that decision, that it was bad - we knew we had made the right decision.

We spent some time petting her, and then had them give her the injection. We held her, and loved her.

And now she's gone. I'm going to miss her so much.

You can see her in her album here.


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