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Saw this add while playing "Riddle of the Day"

"Housing Rescue Bill Passed!

$133,000 Mortgage for Under $679/Month!

Click Your State!"

We just never learn do we. Fuck.

And, as an addendum, at some point I will attempt a "update" of something substantial, but I just can't yet. Maybe later.
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This is the mantra that I repeat to myself nearly daily. Definitely weekly.

It's about the house.

While I am pleased to be a home owner, and happy to have a house I can call my own, unfortunately find that more often than not, it's one pain-in-the-ass job or disaster after another. This leads to the above mantra. Take this weekend for example -

We spent the entire weekend clearing out the garage. We are about halfway done with getting the "set up" finished. We still need to move boxes to the loft, create and collect and sort and do the "toxic chemical" run and the "dump" run. Going to need to borrow a pickup truck for those, I imagine. (The previous owners were very generous in their leaving objects behind, as well as badly executed remodels, the largest collection being of every cleaning supply known to man.) And, then, sort and store all the tools in a logical manner.

The grossest part was all of the debris that gets in to the garage. Sure it's OK for water and stuff, but we are surrounded and buried in trees and the garage doors are old, and don't seal. So we have tons of spiders, and leaf debris everywhere!

But it just makes it all that much more clear, that the whole garage needs to be renovated. Really, all the way down to the studs. I don't think they insulated the ceiling, and that ceiling is also the floor this office, so it's hard to heat it in winter, and gets very hot in summer. *sigh* Add it to the list. (And why is it that every thing that we need to get done, that we can't do always is 22K? Why?)

Then the hot water tank sprung a leak. As of now, the leak had accelerated to the point where we had to empty the hot water tank. No more showers or laundry for us! Whee. So, until the repair people show up tomorrow "between 1 and 5pm" we're stuck with cold water only. I know bitch, bitch, bitch. But it does mean that I missed my work out today, and will tomorrow as well. I'm sorry - I don't like to stink. The good news here is that it is still under warranty (all hail Sears) and that Vomis' left us the warranty in the first place. Hopefully what is wrong, will be under warranty too, or there goes the money we've set aside for house repairs. *bangshead*

Oh, and my computer started to freeze at random. So I'll have to fuck with that all this week. I'm posting from [ profile] dthon's computer and checking LJ from here.

Add to that, now I have to go to another useless doctors appointment. Bleagh.
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Here I am a user in good standing with my medical insurance. A good person who's never been convicted of any kind of crime, much less a felony involving drugs. Seriously, prescription medications have nearly killed me, I'm not about to experiment. And yet when I visit the pharmacy for a nonprescription drug.....

I also have allergies that none of the prescription drugs work for - or they have scary, scary intolerable side effects, or best of all they are both. So I'm on over the counter Drixoral 12 hour. I take one a day, and it's not very good for me, but I can't function easily without them. Drixoral's main ingredient is Pseudoephedrine which is also a main component of Crystal Meth. So every time I go to the drugstore, I get to feel like a drug addict. They take down my driver's license information, my address, my phone number. Then they take 15 minutes to check the hand written logs to discover if I am indeed allowed to have my antihistamine. It's irritating, it's time consuming, and it's demeaning, and I'd love to see a study proving that it's cut into the production and selling of Crystal Meth. Oh, and Sudafed even changed their main decongestant to a non Psuedoephedrine formula - which is where they got their name. Must be cutting into business, this documentation so I can't be the only one who's annoyed.

Then take my Insurance company...

I'm on birth control. My doctor writes out my prescription for 3 months at a time, so that I can choose to only have my period every three months. (Whoo-hoo) Considering that my period has the nickname of "Assassin of Joy" for it's habit of waiting for or arriving weeks earlier/later in order to ruin that vacation (like one on a house boat, or a tropical island) you planned this is a pretty important function for me. insurance won't fill it for 3 months at a time, only 1 month at a time. Why you ask? Because they want me to get it in the mail, and if I mail order it, they will fill it three months at a time. WTF?

So, I can't buy a nonprescription drug, meaning that it isn't a drug that needs to be regulated, over the counter without my ID, and a mini background check every time I do make the purchase. But I should get controlled, regulated prescriptions sent to me through the mail. Which, I might add is far from secure. Especially once it is in the mailbox - the typical house mailbox in a cluster with no locks, and not close to anyone's house.

Yeah. Whatever.

Have I mentioned lately that common sense isn't so common?
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So my computer broke late Wenesday night, and I haven't had time to try and fix it - so while I've been able to keep up with the friends page via [ profile] dthon's computer, I won't be updating much.

Yeah, got the deeply feared black screen of death. I aparently have some kind of Hard Disk Error, which sends me straight to "wow, don't know shit" land. Oh, for a blue screen of death. *sigh*

Hoping to get a call out to [ profile] sgoilear tomorrow and pick his brain, make lunch plans and find out if the wife passed phase one of the CPA exams.

Oh, and no I haven't backed it up. Yes I suck. I've been toying with the idea for the last month on and off. Guess that'll teach me. *ugh*

So, see you all on the flip side, I hope.


Jul. 4th, 2006 05:00 pm
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We are now missing:

One box of our crystal

One box of Kay's crystal/china

And probably, it seems one box of Hane's crystal/china


Where the fuck did they go?

They were all packed separately, in different places and different times.

What the fuck is going on? One box each - Exactly?


Headed out to go play with [ profile] twilight2000 and family, late due to a last minute house box check.

And I was going to make salad.
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I am flabbergasted. The two run-through (I only got to do one) rehearsal we did last night is the only scheduled rehearsal.

- See what I mean? We got the list of songs last week, did one quick run through of one of the songs we're doing in class last week and this "rehearsal". And we perform on the 26th. Is this woman mad? I grabbed one of the advanced girls, and asked if we could get together on our own next Wednesday. S said that we could do that, and since no one looked too confident, I didn't feel stupid asking about it. Especially since it turns out I'm doing three hulas.

Pauoa Liko Ka Lehua with the advanced class, which I haven't done since we learned it...half a year ago. Honolulu I am Coming Back Again with "everyone." Which is at least in English, and we've done it a couple of times here and there, but some of the moves have been changed to be 'easier' so I have to relearn sections of the hula. And of course the He Mele No Lilo with H and the instructor approved the Stitch ears. So, I'll be there with my ears on!

Shoot me, please? Pretty, pretty please?


The sleep study went surprisingly well, although the first half an hour was hell. The first CPAP was like a mini-oxygen mask over my nose, and on the normal pressure I could feel air hissing out of one ear. (I kid you not - and I don't have a blown eardrum.) The tech got it turned down to the lowest setting, and the ear started feeling clogged. I toughed it out for a half an hour trying to sleep, but felt like I was being suffocated, and that I had to fight to breathe, with my ear all clogged. I called them, and then they tried something that looked like a snorkel for my nose. That worked out much better, and although I woke up every time I had to roll over (hoses and wires oh my!) and the tech had to come in four times to fix my EKG wires it wasn't bad. Follow up will be in early July.

Ironically I may have gotten the tech to come to WW as a fan to see what it's all about. Go me, or something.

Once I got home I of course had a very long nap with kitty accompaniment.

I've missed the purrbox.
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Dear Body -

If you are finally going to exhibit traceable, normal, obvious symptoms....that explain the random untraceable, abnormal events....




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