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There. Now it's really done.

I had to delete all the files, bring back the old ones, uninstall iTunes, reinstall, then do it again. Turns out (gods only know why) it didn't work the first time and missed more than just the Movie and TV quotes.

SO. It's finally done.

The most annoying bit was waiting the 237 minutes for them to reload.


But now it's done, and the hubby is tucked into bed, and I'm contemplating reading for a while to unwind.
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Thanks to [ profile] sgoilear's better searching ability, I now have my iTunes back and all my playlists after only wasting 4-6 hours doing it the long way.

I would like to point out to the folks at iTunes that the word "consolidate" does not mean in any way "copy".

1: to join together into one whole : unite
2: to make firm or secure : strengthen
3: to form into a compact mass

intransitive verb
: to become consolidated; specifically : merge
— con·sol·i·da·tor \-ˌdā-tər\ noun


transitive verb
1 : to make a copy or duplicate of
2 : to model oneself on
intransitive verb
1 : to make a copy
2 : to undergo copying


Much thanks to [ profile] sgoilear again. So do you give classes? :)

ETA: Well, except for all of the movie & TV quotes, and I don't know why. All 361 of them. Thank god I backed up the the data first. So I guess I get to do those by hand AGAIN.
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So, I've finally got the computer up and running, but now its two drives are separated. This has caused a flurry of problems in iTunes, mostly having to do with keeping my 45 play lists intact. Apparently, I'm going to have to point iTunes to each song, one by one (Grand total of 3833) by trying to play said song, then when it asks to find it, go through the entire library and identify it. Don't pick the wrong song, or it will overwrite it, fucking everything up. I've done it three times so far, and luckily have been able to fix it. Once that's done I can then point iTunes to the new location as a default. If I do that first I end up with doubles. Here's hoping this all works in the end. It should. Right?

But, I have sound and a computer, and that is a lovely thing. And since I'm still not yet working (soon I'll start looking) I do have the time and I think I have the patience somewhere around here..

And now my break is done and I must go finish all of the TV & Movie Quotes before I go back to Alphabetical by Artist. I had just hit the B's.

Meme: If I was of the Night Court in The Kushiel Series' world. )
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For the computer do you need anything but the box? Do you want the monitor, keyboard any of that?

Does tomorrow night work?

I know you need all the CD's.

Sorry I'm running so late, but this has been the week from hell.

PS - Thank you,Thank you,Thank you,Thank you,Thank you,Thank you,Thank you,Thank you,Thank you,Thank you,Thank you,Thank you,Thank you,Thank you,Thank you,Thank you....
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Yesterday I was mid post, mid reformatting, mid IM and mid phone consultation when a massive headache put me down.

And I mean DOWN.

It was all I could do to throw up, strip, and fall down. I didn't move except to call [ profile] argentyne and cancel dinner and TV until 8:30PM

So the one day where we closed (and yes, it was the easiest snow day we had but I'm grateful) I didn't get anything done.

Computer is still f*cking down and I think soon it's going to have to go visit the guru. 4 attempts to reformat, and it falls apart right when it would normally be loading the desktop. At least I got a brief miracle and managed to get all of my stuff off the computer. It decided to load after the Nth try to repair and failing the three tries at getting past the administrative password - then the husband convinced me I should reformat *now* and not wait for it to break again. Humpfh. Still cranky about that.

Oba didn't get her run, and I still don't have my computer. Which is really annoying since there are some Holiday shopping things I'd like to be doing damn it!

This weekend is looking mighty busy, which is disappointing since I want to hook up with the wonderful [ profile] trenchwench sometime before next year. Maybe we can squeeze her in late Saturday or mid Sunday. *pout*

Is this week over yet?
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Computer's still down. In a situational comedy of near misses, relays and replays, I can't repair because I don't have the administrative password, which I think is on the computer. While it's backed up on my iPod, I can't look for the file at home because [ profile] dthon doesn't have actual Outlook...But I just realized I have it here at work. Of course I may still not have it if it's from before I installed Outlook. *sigh* So either I find it, or I reformat and loose the few things I don't have backed up..maybe Sunday.

We have the clinic's open house this Saturday from 3-7, and I'm going to be working it as well. Which means that my Saturday is now all work related.

So it's been an insane blind run this week, and I'm hoping to catch up on sleep and sanity on Sunday. Computer probably won't be back up until after Sunday. Assuming next week is less crazy than this week.

And now for something deep, yet shallow, fun yet dry...

Baaa-Baaaa black sheep.... )

*Yawn* At this point the nightly BSG episode (and I'm on 2.5 so no spoiling please!) is the only relaxation.
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So - after making roughly 30 gallons of cider on Saturday, on Sunday we went shopping for the "four f's" Freezer, Phone, Floppy Drive. Turns out that [ profile] sgoilear has one and will give it to me when we go to pick up the floppy disk. Talked with him and his lovely wife, chatted about the joys (and pain$) of Illuminations this year and headed home to get the computer up and running so I can get work stuff done.

We get home, and I got everything together, managed to install and get the hard drive running with only one phone call to [ profile] sgoilear (go me) and then we hang up - deciding that if it doesn't work, we're going have to find a new creek and another paddle or two, and if it does I'll post to LJ or send an email. Since we hadn't discussed 50/50 as an option - when XP couldn't find the file on the floppy I had to call him *again*.

Turns out that triming to the essentail drivers makes XP unhappy. One folder away, and it can't find it. Stupid XP.

So sometime (maybe tomorrow night?) I have to run the floppy back the [ profile] sgoilear so he can put all the extra crap back on the disk(s) and I can go home and try again.

So...we're still on hold.



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