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So, my birthday has been really difficult since I became an adult. I had pretty much given up on it since it seemed cursed, but when the Scott and I got together he declared war on my birthday; and the first one we spent together was great, a night out at Entros a restaurant filled with games, puzzles, costume activities that was so awesome I can't believe it closed. Then he gave me my lost 8th birthday and that was awesome too. The others were good, but not horrible...and the best was three years ago when I had a Goth/80's Skate Party and the following day some of my girlfriends and I spent the day at Olympus Spa getting the full treatment.

Last year was bad everything went wrong, and was a mess. This year wins the Fuck You award though.

It stared with plans not getting set in advance due to unemployment, new job, sudden travel, a 25 day long cold, a  minor car accident and a plumbing leak. Finally deciding to do an all call to go to the local Skate King's Saturday night open skate we sent out an all call to friends and asked them to join us. By Friday we had two yes, fair number of no and a number of unknowns. And I was getting concerned about the birthday curse coming back. Friday night at the dance practice party Grant badgered me until I gave up the fact that it was my birthday the next day and the curse stuff. Then he was upset because somehow my birthday wasn't marked, and I should have told him a week ago. So then he had everyone sing happy birthday and a group hug from everyone there which got all awkward. Then there were problems with a couple of students and me and all-in-all it was a lame night, no matter how hard the teachers tried to make it a good one. By Saturday afternoon we were down to one yes, and a lot of nos and a number of unknowns. I was feeling down and less than awesome when the doorbell rang and someone had sent me flowers! [ profile] rhienelleth had sent them to me knowing how unhappy I was about the whole birthday thing this year, and just because she's that kind of awesome. I wanted to just cancel and stay home but with all the unknowns, it wasn't really feasible. So after an indulgent Taco Bell crap food splurge (and the Doritos tacos are awesome - second highlight of the day) we got ready and headed to the Skate King.

Where I got out of the car turned and the door closed and latched on my right ring finger. I dropped the keys, opened the door and got my hand free. After that there was a lot of swearing, a little crying out of sheer frustration and pain, and a call to the one person we knew was coming. Ultimately we finally got the new insurance web page to give us a in network hospital 10 miles away - since at this point I was pretty sure it was broken. We get to the ER, and sure enough it's busted. The tip is crushed, but together. Then the husband gave me my present; tickets to Amaluna, third highlight of the day. There were a couple of priceless texts from a couple of friends. Eventually we found an open pharmacy and got the uber Advil prescription. Stopped and picked up a Veggie Mondo Burrito at Taco de Mar came home and had dinner with TV and then I went to bed with my first pain pill on board. And I still managed to be under my calorie count for the day.

The pain pill turned out to be useless. But I am so very glad for my high pain tolerance, and glad that the pain is already about half as bad. Managed my usual stretches and yoga with only a few exceptions. So now we go into the next four weeks figuring out how to live mostly left handed.

Oh, and birthdayless because even the husband gives up.
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Serously fucked up.

Originally posted by [ profile] twilight2000 at Stop the Arizona birth control bill
Originally posted by [ profile] ramblin_phyl at Stop the Arizona birth control bill
Originally posted by [ profile] madrobins at Stop the Arizona birth control bill
Originally posted by [ profile] roadnotes at Stop the Arizona birth control bill
Originally posted by [ profile] rozk at Stop the Arizona birth control Bill
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Originally posted by [ profile] mandatorily at Stop the Arizona birth control Bill

I just signed the following petition addressed to: Arizona Sentate, Arizona State Legislature, Debbie Lesko.

Stop the Arizona birth control Bill

If this bill passes the senate then women of Arizona would be forced to provide documentation that birth control is for medical purposes only. The "company" would not be required to cover birth control if it was for prevention of conception. Additionally this bill would give companies the right to fire women if they discovered that she was using a contraceptive to prevent pregnancy

If you have to ask why I think this is important...well, just don't. div>
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My life it's been busy here are the quick highlights:

I've been working on dance and have accustomed myself to Miss P's leading, and have been making much progress. I have completed the first half of Bronze (receiving an A in both tests) and am now doing what they call "Silver Amalgamation" and have added Cha-cha to my majors. At this point the only thing I'm missing is Rumba and The Meringue - and while I'm OK with learning Rumba (we did that for my wedding) I despise the Meringue. Soon I'll be moving to Silver (two more tests to go) and that will be awesome.

Miss P and I are getting along swimmingly, which is good and I'm trying to come up with a good dance idea for the spring showcase. I have one awesome idea for a Tango, but because they are not having a fall showcase, I won't be able to take the Tango slot until next fall. Total bummer, it's an awesome idea. So if you can think of a song that'd be good for two girls, that fits a ballroom dance that isn't a Tango, Waltz or Samba and isn't objectionable (for example Lady Marmalade was OK, but apparently U + Ur Hand is not) let me know.

Well, I'm still doing about 5 hours a week of Ballroom dance, and most weeks I do Yoga for 20 minutes 5 times a week. I lose weight, I gain it back, I do the twist...

Really it's all up in the air and is still totally random. *sigh*

Social Stuff:
Have managed to see some people, lost touch with others. It comes it goes, but we're probably more social than we've been in a long while. Am working on a new project for a monthly event - and it's going well - but more on that when it solidifies. Have been more crafty thanks to [ profile] winifred's awesome craft night - hmmm maybe I should make icons today...

Well, it's me, so of course there's this category. We almost made it a whole year without anyone dying, just short by a month and a half. We lost a moderately distant family member, but the drama around it is out of control and is hurting people close to me, and that totally pisses me off.

I've seen some movies, most of them were good. Inception wasn't the ground breaker for me that it was for most people - but it was good. Salt was a fun ride, but not deep. Toy Story 3 - which while good, had a whole death section I could have totally done without. Looking forward to HP 7 - although I still can't fathom why they split this book. I'm cautiously looking forward to the next Narnia too.

And a recommendation:
I've never read 9 Chickweed Lane, but they ran a story that was a solid arc which started in Nov of 2009, ending just days ago - and it is so awesome, I can't even tell you. I cried, I wondered, I laughed, I gasped. It is available here and if you like a good story with awesome art you should go read it immediately.

In closing I'm hoping I'll start updating here more regularly. I'm still reading though....
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Gods how I hate the heat I've never really liked it, and thought the upper 80's were warm enough, but as I have gotten older (and heavier) the heat now really kills me. These days if I'm exposed to direct sunlight for too long I break out in a rash - usually the arm on the window side of the car these days. I can't be outside in the sunshine without a hat, or I get pounding headaches, and overheat twice as fast. If I'm outside and it's very hot (with or without hat) any exertion that isn't in cold water will send me into a fast pseudo form of heat stroke, where I get a little loopy and light headed and my face turns bright red with white streaks. And then I run away.

I wish we had the kind of summers we used to. Where 90 degrees was a once in a blue moon kind of thing, not regular occurrence. I feel like I need to move...but where?

Add to this that Curves doesn't have air-conditioning, and I'm missing my workouts this week. ARGH! So, I'm feeling guilty, and yet I think I made the right choice. But it's still irritating - I don't know how many workouts I'm going to miss due to heat this summer.

I am so glad we got air-conditioning, it was definitely a good for my health choice, but even with it a comfortable 71 in here - I feel trapped and hunted by the sun, and warm.

And I feel so bad for everyone who doesn't have it.
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So, my instructor has moved on, and I've had the first few lessons with my new instructor Miss. P.

And I want to whine. But I don't want anyone to think that she's not a good dancer, or think that I dislike her. But gods I want to whine.

I like her, but she's a very subtle lead - and I don't know her as well, and I don't have the kind of acquired trust that I had with Mr. L. This means that my learning speed has dropped down by more than half. With Mr. L I usually learned 4 new patters, and sometimes as many as 5-6 per lesson. So far we're at 2 new patterns per lesson. What's slowing us down is two things: The first is that she's not really aware of how fast I learn, the second is that I learn it quickly, but when we blend (the new patterns in a random order while doing the dance they are from) I have a hard time, because I can't follow her very well, so I'm fighting her, and missing the we blend for a very long time. Lesson takes about 10 minutes and the blending takes the rest of the half hour, then we change and do it again in another dance.

I keep telling myself that this will, ultimately make me a better dancer and a better follow. Also Miss. P is much more about nitpicky technique in the forefront, than Mr. L was - we did have lessons in it, but they generally were separate lessons, where Miss. P is into the technique in each lesson (at least so far.)

But the joy and easy dance and the fabulous gliding and talking across the floor is gone. I used to get though the "dance parties" and the group lessons where I was dancing with people who couldn't lead (they're learning of course and we're at the same level, and honestly some of them just suck) by knowing that I could follow it up with a lesson with Mr. L where it would be natural and easy - and now it's all difficult and hard and uncomfortable.

So, I'm in a whining mood and not excited to go to dance class. And, it looks like the people the owner is looking to hire, may not actually already know Ballroom dance. *bangshead*

And, before you suggest I leave, I'm stuck there for quite a while. I paid for lessons in advance and there's no refunds.

I am however thinking of adding a Ballet class this fall - I found a place in Seattle that only teaches adults, and now apparently you can learn to get on Pointe past forty years old - obviously it's going to take a while. But it's something I've always wanted to be able to do, and it's the kind of muscle I want to have, long and lean. Downside, they require the leotard and tights. Guess I'm going to have to shove my vanity in the box, and just suck it up. They also have a prep course "Pilates for Ballet" that I might do first. We'll just have to see. One of these days on my way to dance class, I'm going to hit the Ballet studio and ask questions.

If anyone knows of an adult Contemporary or Modern dance class let me know. I'm looking at branching out. :)

Also still working out twice a week at Curves and doing the daily Yoga. And, I'm pretty sure I'm not loosing weight anymore, but I'll do a weighing/measurement tomorrow and we'll see. I'm going to try to keep this up even if I don't loose the weight. I just have to remind myself that it does good things for my body, even if it doesn't really do anything I can see. My blood pressure had dropped the last time I hit the doc, so that's good, right?

Still fucking depressing.

And without that joy of dance that I had as the main motivator for all's so much tougher.

And now off to prep for dance class.


Ah, Mr. L my life does suck without you.
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Last night we went out with [ profile] sgoilear and his wife C to finally pay them back for the time and effort put into the birthday surprise computer. Their choice of restaurant is traditionally Morton's Steak House. I swear, dinner there is like two days worth of food. So good though, and well worth it. It was great to hang out about and talk, and they finally (shows you just how fubar'ed we've been) got the nickel tour of the house.

So today I got up, did yoga, then went and got Curves out of the way, and later tonight I have dance - an hour private lesson (please let it not be too 'brisk'...) and then another hour doing a group lesson.

I also sent out some overnight mail.

Yep. Go me. (YAWN) What I could really use is a nap.

Also, I've tried Glee and been sucked in. Well, we've been sucked in, more accurately. So, now I need lots of reruns so I can pick up the last half of the first season so I can have more GLEE! NOW! Not later in September when the whole season comes out on Blu-ray.

Um...if anyone happens to have those pre-recorded or anything...*makes hand sign* Call Me.

Maybe soon I'll have a not life list post and instead something entertaining or thoughtful...

And then the world will end.

I think I need a dance or exercise icon.....hmmmm


Nov. 20th, 2009 12:39 pm
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Cue the sinus sore throat ick.


I hate being sick like this.

Husband seems to be fighting something (probably this) off. So much for getting stuff done this weekend. (Needed to hit the train store for lights, and Michaels for Sculpey, and start work on parts for the costumes. Was hoping to try and get together and craft with [ profile] winifred. Bugger.)

Need to pick up survival stuff today and then spend the weekend in blanket wrapped medicated TV watching video game haze.

It's so much more fun when you do it to be lazy.
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* I don’t appreciate the attempt to put a woman’s birth control choices in the hands of someone other than the woman concerned. There’s been a great deal of discussion re: the leaked memo and a certain politician’s quest to see birth control reclassified as abortion. We’ve got until September 30 to be heard. Go to Tamora Pierce’s journal for a collection of useful links on the subject.

Thanks Cherie....


Apr. 21st, 2008 03:32 pm
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At this point whenever the words "fat," "obesity," or anything else related to my not so little problem appear I guess I should just bend over and take it.

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While I do not believe it will help me lose weight at all, I do need to get my muscles back into shape so that I can try and get a massage job in late May or early June. Giving a massage a day is turning out to not really be feasible, since I want a life with the husband when he gets home, and most people work during the week, during the day. Also, I do not really want to become the "free massage machine" again. (Not pointing at anyone! Just remembering how it turned out from school.) Doing the occasional free massage is OK but doing it on a daily basis for a month...yeah. Probably not a good idea.

This leaves me with the need to get a good muscle workout, where I won't hurt myself (I am a stubborn stupid mule, when it comes to weights, and have repeatedly hurt myself when doing them at home or without a trainer at a gym.) and I don't really want to add any more time to my day that I already do with my current cardio workout (walking on the treadmill.)

The *only* program that worked for me in this area is Curves. It's a cardio/weight training program that takes thirty minutes (really) and since they use hydraulic weights, you improve only as fast as you can improve which also means you improve in real immediate time. Since you can only do as much as you can do, and time on the machines is short, injury is a lot less likely. The clientele is all older heavy women, so you don't have to think about appearance or competition. You are there to (lose weight) workout, and that's it. That covers my cardio for the day, and adds the appropriate weight training too - in less time than my usual cardio.

So, the Dilemma, you ask? A portion of the profits for Curves franchise goes to Christian Right Legislation. One of the big ones the founder funds is anti-abortion legislation.

I know it works really well for me, and it's only 30 minutes 3 times a week, and for most people it really works in the fat burning department. But I'm really, really not for that kind of legislation. So I'm torn - on the one hand I know it will only take a couple of months to get me to where I want to be for massage, but I'll still be giving money to a cause I seriously oppose. Some people do the "buying off" method of giving the same amount of money to the opposite cause, making the impact "neutral". I'm not sure I buy that. And while we're not poor, there's a reason I'm going back to work. (Have to pay off the cat's iron lung.) I don't really want to give them money, but I do want to use what they have developed.

Now I'm against it. You may be for it. No dilemma for you - but then what if it was for pro-abortion legislation? What would you do? What do you think?

I know no one can dictate my morals for me, but I've been hemming and hawing for a week now, and I'm interested in other points of view. (And if anyone can figure out the math of what the percentage of my actual money that makes it to the legislation, that would be fabulous.) I want to take a look at what other people think, and see if that gets me off the teeter-totter I'm on.
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Hello all -

Just wanted to let everyone know that my current health issue has at least gotten down to manageable portions. While I sneeze a lot and am half stuffed up most of the time it's pretty functional. Of course, it isn't "Grass & Tree Season" yet, but I'm hoping that something will be in the works by then. Assuming I can find a doctor that will give me a price quote and find out where to get the gene testing done. My blood pressure had been slowly getting more normal, along with my pulse. My regular doctor seems to have turned me loose after making me come in and do blood work (AGAIN!) so they could test my blood sugar. I really want to find a good general MD, because I keep wanting to just go to specialists as needed since generalists just seem to take care of the immediate issue, then forgot about you. Hell, my sleep doc and my gynecologist seemed more on the ball with my myriad issues by far. I haven't checked the actual BP or heart rate lately but I'm going to try to get to it later today. I want to see if I'm back to normal. I can also add caffeine back into my diet which is v. nice since tacos & popcorn must have Coke. I have decided to try and cut out pop in general and am trying to replace it with Pellegrino and lemon juice when I can since my sugar levels were "borderline".

I figured while I was here I should explain (since it seems most people don't understand what I'm talking about and I always forget that not everyone hangs out in the weird ward of medical knowledge) why I'm concerned about allergy shots.

My family is rampant with autoimmune disease - my Mom, my brother, two of my cousins, and two of my aunts, and my Grandmother all had one (or in one cousin's case two) autoimmune diseases so you can see where I might be concerned. These are diseases where your own immune system turns on some portion of your body and while they have finally isolated the gene responsible; acquiring an autoimmune disease takes two things - the gene & some unidentified event that sets the immune system off. So, you can see why aggravating my immune system on a daily/weekly basis for years would make me a bit hesitant. I could conceivably lose my allergies and end up with Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn's or Polymyositis which are only a few that others in my family already have.

Plus, 10 years ago or so, when I first had allergies, I wasn't allergic to cats or dogs but after living with cats for 7 out of those 10 years, I became allergic to them. (And FYI, I had arranged for the dog long before I found out I was now allergic.) I'm not sure that allergy shots would work. I know shots are different than just being casually exposed, but my immune system seems to want to get all excited about things I am around a lot: cats, dogs, grass, trees.... In a way allergies are a *tiny* version of an autoimmune disease - it is your immune system taking that one little dander and turning loose an army to deal with it. It's basically overkill, and that in a way is exactly what autoimmune diseases are - an overreaction to something that was once OK. Like your colon.

So, I'm doing OK on the health front - and other than that our lives are still pretty much in hell - we're working through it though, and I hope that we'll become more social sometime soon. We are getting away over my birthday in February off to Whistler with my family for at least part of the week, and hopefully we can unwind and become more able to deal with all the shit that is going on. Unless of course it turns into a family nightmare adventure, in which case I may explode.

I hope everyone else's 2007 is going much better than mine!
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After a lovely lunch and visit with [ profile] sgoilear and his wife, on the way home stuck in traffic I discovered it wasn't food poisoning, since you don't usually have it at exactly the same time of day, under different circumstances with exactly the same symptoms. Turns out it's a side effect of the allergy medication I was on.

Let me just say that vomiting while driving is something I very, very, much never want to do again*. Then trying to get home before the shock wore off was even more exciting. Why was there so much traffic on side streets on a Wednesday at 4:30? And you know it's bad when you have the husband call the mother at 11:30 at night to get her best guess on breathing impairment likelihood, and peak dose timings because you can't talk more than a couple of words at a time.

Sadly, it's a loading dose drug, and since I thought day 2 was food poisoning I took day 3. So, I'm still trying to get it out of my system. I had hoped it would be clear by this morning, but it's not, although it is no longer terrible - it did mean I had to go to the clinic and bow out of working today. They seem to still like me, and I'm scheduled to work next Wednesday with the other Doc to finish my evaluations.

In other news I hope to be well enough to catch Medfest and my friends dancing tomorrow.

*why does this always happen to me?*

* Why not pull over you ask? I couldn't at the time (in a left hand turn lane at 85th) and since [ profile] dthon can't drive getting stuck puking on the side of the road wouldn't have been much better. I was also worried about falling out of 'coping' which would have left us at the side of the road with no way home.
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I am flabbergasted. The two run-through (I only got to do one) rehearsal we did last night is the only scheduled rehearsal.

- See what I mean? We got the list of songs last week, did one quick run through of one of the songs we're doing in class last week and this "rehearsal". And we perform on the 26th. Is this woman mad? I grabbed one of the advanced girls, and asked if we could get together on our own next Wednesday. S said that we could do that, and since no one looked too confident, I didn't feel stupid asking about it. Especially since it turns out I'm doing three hulas.

Pauoa Liko Ka Lehua with the advanced class, which I haven't done since we learned it...half a year ago. Honolulu I am Coming Back Again with "everyone." Which is at least in English, and we've done it a couple of times here and there, but some of the moves have been changed to be 'easier' so I have to relearn sections of the hula. And of course the He Mele No Lilo with H and the instructor approved the Stitch ears. So, I'll be there with my ears on!

Shoot me, please? Pretty, pretty please?


The sleep study went surprisingly well, although the first half an hour was hell. The first CPAP was like a mini-oxygen mask over my nose, and on the normal pressure I could feel air hissing out of one ear. (I kid you not - and I don't have a blown eardrum.) The tech got it turned down to the lowest setting, and the ear started feeling clogged. I toughed it out for a half an hour trying to sleep, but felt like I was being suffocated, and that I had to fight to breathe, with my ear all clogged. I called them, and then they tried something that looked like a snorkel for my nose. That worked out much better, and although I woke up every time I had to roll over (hoses and wires oh my!) and the tech had to come in four times to fix my EKG wires it wasn't bad. Follow up will be in early July.

Ironically I may have gotten the tech to come to WW as a fan to see what it's all about. Go me, or something.

Once I got home I of course had a very long nap with kitty accompaniment.

I've missed the purrbox.
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Tonight is long Hula rehearsal followed up by sleep study #2. Which they gracefully let me come late to.

Still going to miss half the hula rehearsal - which shouldn't matter since I'm doing one (or three) pieces.

What a week.

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Dear Body -

If you are finally going to exhibit traceable, normal, obvious symptoms....that explain the random untraceable, abnormal events....


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Quick update about my lame weekend - and gentle highlights of the busy, manic but good week.

Behind the cut for friend list kindness. )

So my weekend was pretty much a bust, but was productive on a house level thanks to [ profile] dthon.
Me - I'm going to try a shower, and if that doesn't work out, I'm back to bed. Nope it's back to bed the cold sweats just started. F*ck. Still sick.
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The results are in, and I'm allergic to everything, except for weeds. But ESPECIALLY TIMOTHY GRASS. The welt was over 11mm when they stopped it, and I still have an itchy welt two days later.

The new ones are the saddest news though, I'm now allergic to cats and dogs. Well, shit.

We're going to make some housework changes, try a new nasal antihistamine, and might even buy an air filter for the bedroom. Meanwhile I'm going to research allergy shots and any known data on autoimmune diseases. (My family has a huge history of them, I'm just waiting to pick mine up. Since allergies are your immune system going slightly nuts, I want to know what the odds are before I provoke some crazy reaction. My medical track record is just too weird to just jump in.)

But the pets stay.

Sorry - they're my babies, and we're keeping them. Besides it's not as if I choke up and wheeze or anything. So that's that news. Sleep results should be in on the 24th.

Let's hope there's something useful there.
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so I must be OK. The study was about what I expected - everyone seemed to think it was fear of not knowing what would happen that scared me, or that I was afraid it would hurt. *shrug* That wasn't it at all.

I had a very nice tech which helped greatly and we talked about working graveyard while she wired me up. Let me say that there is an overwhelming amount of absurdity involved. Especially when you have to lay there doing the "calibration" stuff. I managed not to bust out laughing after making snoring sounds. I also managed to pass on doing an ET "Ooouuucchhh" imitation in the dark for the entertainment of the staff. (The pulse monitor glows red and it was on my left index finger.) Around 30 wires, two elastic bands, plastic tube things in my nose and a partridge in a pear tree. Would have made sleeping difficult, even if I was totally relaxed. I also took a NyQuil to take the edge off, and reduce the usual allergy symptoms. Having to pull that thing off my nose to blow it sucked.

I did ask/warn her not to surprise/sneak around me once I had fallen asleep - and I surprisingly had almost drifted off at once, but then she had to come back and replace one of the connectors - wasn't working to her satisfaction I guess. Then it was harder to get back to sleep. I tossed and turned a lot, but did sleep. I dreamed many times of the test being over and getting to take the stuff off - and I apparently pulled out the nose thing at one point, and she had to come in and help me fix it. Luckily she didn't sneak and called my name. In the morning she did mention, "You did pop right up, didn't you." Then the intercom woke me and told me it was time to go. Did the last few things got the stuff off and was home at 6:30 - just in time to hear [ profile] dthon's alarm go off. We talked briefly and then I went back to bed. I didn't wake up until 11.

Getting the 'glue' out of my hair wasn't as bad as I expected which was indeed, lovely.

I didn't get the somewhat expected overview, so I don't have any answers, and won't until the 25th when I have the follow up with the Dr. He's very nice and happened to be the guy who met me at the door. He also showed me what the print out would look like, in an attempt to ease my mind. *shrug*

I may have to do it again, and I'll still probably be freaked out. It's one of those fears, like mine of flying. Doing it doesn't really make it any easier.

But since they have't locked me in a jar, they probably won't next time. Just like the last time I flew the plane didn't fall out of the sky.

Doesn't mean the next one won't though.


Apr. 25th, 2006 10:33 am
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Sleep study tonight.

Ankhet is sick, and we still don't know what's wrong, but she's getting better. Scheduling an ultrasound to see if there is some kind of mass in her abdomen.

Sleep study tonight.

Have to get yard done, can't figure out how.

Sleep study tonight.

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So I finally had my consultation with the Ear, Nose and Throat Dr.

So first we talk about symptoms, then she asks if I've seen my CT scan. I say no, but I saw the results. That's when she told me she didn't think I needed surgery.

I fell off the chair - and then things got interesting.

I'm an Alien! )

I'm starting to feel like soon I'll be a case study. *sigh* The nice thing is that she didn't sound doubtful at all about the oddities and allergies and was very open and nice. I like her, and I've already had a couple of calls with her nurse, and she knows what she's doing. A major plus.

Hopefully this will all get resolved sooner than later. I'm tired of this crap. Guess I'll just go back to my normal life, and grind through it.

Guess I'll go back to Hula this coming quarter after all.


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