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I very rarely post something that is horrific, triggering and asking for a signature on a petition. I am today.

This is an unspeakable horror, and these people need to be held accountable. All of them.

What has happened to this girl will color her life forever. Living right up to your scars is difficult, and many never make it that far.

Please, please sign this.
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She can tell you better than I can, but a friend of mine is unemployed and money is super tight and their cat Julius is in desperate need of dental surgery.

There's two ways you can help, straight up donation, or buy stuff from her Etsy store. She has some fantastic jewelry at good prices, and it would really help her out.

Her donation (and more detailed plea) can be found here:

And her store can be found here:

Thanks everyone for listening.

Also, someday I'll try to get back to updating here. :)
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I was thinking mostly [ profile] apostle and maybe [ profile] xlana's Geekboi, but if anyone else has the time and skills to help, I'd be grateful. Probably in the way of food. :)

What I need to do, basically is get a very bright LED light to hook up with batteries and a switch - and all fit into the shape of a wand. Ultimately I'm making three of them, and I'm looking for purple, blue and green lights. I've got a set of clear lights, and have gone looking for batteries, but then found colored lights, but not purple - but they needed a 9 volt battery. About there, I realized I was kind of over my head, and help would not be a bad idea.

So, anyone who is willing and able to give me a hand (after the Holidays is very fine I'm pretty busy here too) and go with me and get the components, and help me solder them together would be grand.

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I'm looking for an artist that can do graphic work (i.e.: computers) to do 4 black and white floral borders. These must ultimately be in a specific format and resolution in order to be laser engraved.

I'm looking for an art nouveau style like Mucha's in the flowing organic sense. The borders will be made of Rose, Morning Glory, Lilies, and Nightshade (one flower per border.)

If you know anyone who could do this (and time is a consideration I'd like this done in a couple of weeks, rather than months) please let me know how to reach them!


Help -

Jul. 14th, 2009 03:46 pm
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I don't suppose anyone out there that lives remotely close to me has a pantone color wheel, or something similar? I need a pretty wide range of color since I'm looking for eight very specific colors, and only two are easy, black and white.

I hate religious projects sometimes - they can be such a pain in the ass. AND, I really hate dealing with paint people who seem to think that I'm either A) stupid or B) deaf. Especially when I was fairly sure my questions weren’t that off the wall, and [ profile] dthon's first comment away from him was "Could he yell any louder?" I haven’t found a single helpful person in a paint store the entire time we were remodeling the house or doing extra projects since we moved here.



May. 12th, 2009 01:01 pm
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I suddenly can't see any embedded video, specifically in LJ or other blogs, but I can see them on YouTube's main site.

It happened a few days ago, and I do not know why. I've tinkered around in tools and such, but nothing made the light go on.

Anyone have any ideas? No new software, not sure about any updating (mine is automatic) but it's very, very annoying.

Thanks in advance.
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I did finally have to edit the registry (sweaty palms all the way) but it's done, and I have a recycle bin again.

Oh thank the gods.

*kisses to you both!*
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So I managed to somehow delete my trash bin. Like on the computer's desktop.

Anyone know how to get it back?



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