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Sadly today Oba, who's had some issues that turned out to be Wobbler's syndrome got to the point where she couldn't walk and was very uncomfortable. Our beloved kennel put her down this morning. We both got to talk to her on the phone, and poor Cathi and the rest of her staff were as miserable as we are. They were a second family to her, thank the gods, so she was petted and cosseted and loved the last couple of months.

I hate this move.

And I miss my dog.

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Today a card from [ profile] trenchwench arrived offering condolences for Tayet, and if I hadn't already been bawling my eyes out, I would have started... lovely and heartfelt. It came on the heels of something I've never experienced before.

The staff at VSC that took care of Tayet bought and sent us a book called "Cat Heaven" and throughout the whole book, I think everyone signed it - and not just signed but told stories and talked about the love they had for Tayet, the sorrow, and how much we too, loved him and went above and beyond.

I can't stop crying now.

In the ironical section of today's news, we had just gone to Michael’s Crafts in order to buy a collage frames for the Clinic as a whole, and for his doc Polly to put pictures of Tayet in as part of a thank you gift.

I can not be but amazed, grateful and so, so sad.
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Last night, Tayet went into final renal failure. After a midnight speed drive to the local emergency vet, we made the decision to stop the suffering. Really he would have passed on his own, but it would have taken longer, and he was definitely in great distress.

More later when I can write about him.

We lost the best cat. One in a billion for so many reasons - the heart of our home is silent.

I am so sick of loss, grief and pain.
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And, this is good news. He's been in and out of the emergency vet since his surgeries in October. But on the 6th he went in and stayed until last night. We went in for more blood tinged vomit and not eating for 5 days. There was a lot of scary touch and go, force feeding, two blood transfusions, and many, many invasive diagnostics and the insertion of a feeding tube during his stay. Eventually it all boiled down to pancreatitis (which is the grey and scary fog of cat trouble) and so he's on lots of medications and a feeding tube. He's doing very well so far at home, even eating more on his own and we have a recheck on Thursday. He looks very sad, and all of his legs have been shaved so he looks like a demented poodle and he's still not very active. Of course, he's also pretty darned stoned. His first action after the litter box, was scratching vigorously on the scratching post we got for him.

While it's easier to do (because I can do it myself, let's hear it for the tube!) it is very time consuming. I'm hoping that at least one medication will be dropped on Thursday, and maybe even take the feedings down to two. (I'm cautiously optimistic. Very, very cautiously.) We may have to modify some plans that we already have scheduled for the holidays, since there isn't a lot free time in here. This is how it looks for now...

















Pepcid AC








So, it will be a busy couple of days/weeks. Good thing I'm not working, (but will be looking by February so, let me know if anything comes up). Taking him to my Mom's for Christmas is going to be a nightmare.

So there's two good news things, that so far seem to be staying good news. (This and this.)

Here's hoping...
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Wow. Poor Tayet's butt looks like hamburger. Mostly bruising, really, but whoa that looks painful. The abdominal incision looks like it usually does. Last time they sent him home on lots of pain-killers, this time he's on the patch. Only for another three days though. He's wearing a collar like [ profile] cmpriest's cat had, which is a stiff fabric, and since it allows him to groom his legs, we may actually get through this without sewing one to his head. (Kidding, might actually sew the e-collar to a real collar, but we'll see.) Currently he stinks of astringent hospital, fear and pee. In a bit we'll take off the collar and give him a supervised grooming experience so that he feels (and smells) better.

We're just glad to see him home, and stunningly glad to see the bill to be much less than we had feared.

Also, Oba finally stopped her bleeding cycle (yes, yes the damn dog should be spayed but there's been problems and she's gone into heat right before her scheduled appointments. Come this January - it's happening, even if I have to do it in the basement) and so now she's no longer locked in the kitchen and has roam of the house again.

Ankhet is less than pleased with this particular turn of events.

Especially the part about the dog.
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They put Tayet under anesthesia to discover that the pu site healed constricted, meaning it is actually smaller than the natural opening would normally have been.

Basically the surgery did nothing, in fact it was worse. So, we do it again.


The ER will hold him until Tuesday (or Monday if there are no ER Sx that day) and then they will re-do the pu, with the probe/claw stone removal added. The surgeon will give me a call Monday to talk about the various risks, scar tissue complications, and so on. We could have brought him home, but the risk is more than I'm comfortable with, plus if he blocks while he's there, they'll call the surgeon in and it might get done earlier.

The on call doc has been great, and said that Tayet certainly found the right parents. Yep, that would be us.

And, on a hilarity note (the kind right before hysteria and the psychotic break) this would be the three month mark of "time for something horrific and/or financially breaking" to occur.

Well. Good to know we're still on target.

PS - So glad I kept the chicken coop.

Vet Called

Oct. 18th, 2007 03:02 pm
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So. It's not just one stone - it's multiples.

They are just on the edge of too big (and multiples) to go for the "manual" option*.

They're going to try using a probe and claw under ultrasound and pull them out, since they should fit through the opening. If this is unsuccessful, they will go to Sx. We'll get the call one way or the other later this evening.

Assuming all goes well, and he recovers, the new plan (since he just won't be normal, damn it) will be to go in every six months for an ultrasound and if there are any small stones at the time, they'll do the "manual" option.

I am very scared, but the vet hasn't brought up any gloom and doom on the recovery end, so that's definitely a good thing. Here's hoping. Any good thoughts anyone can send would be helpful.

*This involves basically filling the bladder with water via catheter, putting kitty out then manually squeezing all of the water out of the bladder at once (flaccid muscles help here) rushing the stones out.
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This morning I was awoken by the frighteningly familiar Tayet warning behavior. He was acting like he always did when he got blocked by bladder stones. We had to have a surgery done so that he was physically a girl, hoping that the stones would pass (as they usually do in girls) rather than block, since after three surgeries to remove the stones - the risk of not recovering is very high.

After rushing him to the ER, his bladder is too small to tell if it's a stone, or get a sample and find out if it's a bladder infection (something I hadn't even thought of, usually a girl problem) or if it is indeed a stone. So he's staying there until they can get the bladder full, and take a sample and do an ultrasound to look for a stone.

Here's what we're hoping for, and hoping that you'll all send us good thoughts for too:

1. An easily remedied bladder infection.
2. A stone small enough they can um, "manually" pass it down the tube.

If we go to another Sx, I'll update and I'll be asking for prayers that he survives, and heals.
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Watch the fur fly.

Ankhet isn't so pleased that her 'brother' is back out of isolation. We've spent a good portion of our day making sure that they don't kill each other. Things pretty much settled down with a big mutual nap on the bed. Tayet was under, Ankhet was over the blankets both lying on [ profile] dthon.

Thanks to [ profile] argentyne's loaning of the holy camera cord, we can now bring you:

Check out the new Galleries - There's normal pictures of Tayet and Ankhet here too.
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Back from the vet and the news is mostly good.

We have permission to clean around the wound every other day with sterile saline solution.

The healing looks good, so far. We have another check up in a week.

And, sadly for at least one more week, he's still in solitary.

Still, it's all good news, even if the healing is remarkably slow. The Vet says that PU surgeries are always uglier and slower to heal than most other surgeries. She doesn't expect full scar tissue for a month. Ugh. Here's hoping we get past the open would part soon so he can come out and rejoin the family. We miss him!

Still, he's healing, the urinary tract is looking good, even if it is a bit ugly looking for now.
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Job Hunting
Since I started looking last week I've gone to two job interviews so far. Both immediately after applying. I've been mostly hunting on Craig's List and apparently somehow I'm getting fast responses for the jobs I apply for. The first job was for a Warranty Clerk (of all things) and she wanted me, but I wanted more money. *shrug* It was a nice chat, and I had her in stitches. Today's interview was less spectacular, but it's possible they may pay me my bottom line for an Admin/Receptionist kind of gig. That would be nice. It's a casual place, the owners are a family who bring their kids in, and have a playroom space behind the office. I'm hoping that if it all works out, they may allow me to bring Oba with me. That would be an extra special bonus round. Apparently they had someone do this job for six years, who moved on and since then they have gone through several people in the last few months, and can't find someone trust worthy. The few people that she discussed were *spectacularly* bad, and so far I'm the only one who said "I can do this job" rather than "I think so". So here's hoping.

Still waiting on Ankhet, Tayet's butt is scary, scary but doesn't appear infected. He goes in today for his 2 week check up, and will probably be in the cage for longer than the two weeks, since open sores are not a "run of the house" kind of injury for me and it hasn't healed closed so far. I hear at [ profile] dthon's work a "Free Tayet" movement has begun. Well, we all hope he gets out soon. I keep meaning to get pictures up - will need to borrow [ profile] argentyne's camera cord..maybe this Thursday.

General Mayhem.
Trying to find a landscaper that will bring in topsoil, lay sod and put up 8 fence posts has proved to be impossible. Apparently if it doesn't have a water feature, it isn't worth their time. So we're buying the fencing materials and getting the custom fence guy to come up from OR and put in the posts. *ohforshrissake* And we still don't have anyone for the dirt and sod. Fucking Bellevue. On the plus side however, we have managed to get Craft Room unpacked. Spare Bedroom is put together, if not totally unpacked, Pool Room just needs the cat cage out and the stuff up on the walls. Which leaves us with: Dinning Room dish unpacking and sorting and such, art sorting and hanging, base boards, closet doors, one hell of a good cleaning and we should be ready to do the House Warming thing. (And maybe even the garage will get done!)

So it's been busy's hoping the vet visit goes well tonight!
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So, After the cage construction everything seemed fine with Tayet.

Meanwhile Ankhet got her own mini-trauma )

Tayet adjusted to his confinement pretty well until... )

Huge downside - had to cancel my B'ham trip this morning with [ profile] writersweekend. I was really looking forward to spending some no stress hang-about-time with her. Instead I'm home checking on the cat at regular intervals, and being honest, sleeping. *blinks blearily*

Maybe we can get together later this week and bum about around locally. I wonder if she tried the Colophon Cafe? It has the best food, and it's also is/was a bookstore. I love the Colophon. I especially love the garlic chicken sandwiches and the Cream of Dill Pickle soup. Today's soup would have been Dutch Tomato Gouda so I probably wouldn't have indulged in the soup of the day. Now if it had been Thursday and the Cream of Mushroom I totally would have paid the price.

*Why on earth is cat antibiotic banana flavored anyway??
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Go here

Personal favorite "He'll be fine he's been a doll here, no problems with the confinement at all" and "He's so wonderful, PU's never purr."

(The first confinement crate was sized for the Dobe - towel, food bowl, water bowl, litter box & one pissed off cat)
Time to first "confinement crate" destruction and removal of hard e-collar = under 15 minutes.

I am so tired. I can't believe [ profile] dthon's making it to work, even at this late hour. I'm so bleary eyed and sore I don't know how I'm going to get Ankhet to her ultrasound.

Pets can be pains in the ass but I love the little buggers dearly. And as [ profile] dthon mentioned, pictures will have to happen.

....and if I ever harbored feelings of inadequacy of a pet owner, I don't think it's possible to continue at this point...
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I'm greteful for the surgery for Tayet. I'm grateful they did a good job.

But for FUCK's sake!!!

If the cat has to be in an e-collar and cage for two weeks, the time to tell me that is NOT as I pick him up. It's fucking before so I can build, find or BUY a FUCKING CAGE!!!!!!!!


Off to go buy some chicken wire. While poor Tayet is stuck in a cat carrier with an e-collar that means he can't move, turn around or do anything but lie there.



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