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Some fun news bits over the past couple of days:

Environmentalists, Industry and Natives work together to save Rainforest and Spirit Bears

Intact Tomb in Valley of Kings (Don't get too excited though)


Giant Rabbits!!!

The Cowgirl Trip: Explained. )

So, I'll be leaving Sunday morning at an unholy hour of the morning to fly to Phoenix AZ, and then drive (or more accurately fight over who will actually drive, and for how long) to Gila NM. I won't return until the following Saturday night late and will be out of cell and computer range. There will be a phone for emergencies, but basically for a week I'll be totally incommunicado. I'm taking the laptop and will attempt to write entries on a daily basis but we'll see...I'm likely to be exhausted at the end of the day.

Here's to hoping it's as good as I want it to be....

See you all on the other side.
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So, I have finally learned the "He Mele No Lilo" hula for Lilo and Stitch. I learned it in two hours - I missed a class when W&J visited they were up from Long Island, and could only see us on a Wednesday. I also ran out on [ profile] scarlettina's visit for an hour so that I could learn the last half of the hula. (Still Sorry!)

It's a very nice hula with one difficult bit, and to remember it I'm probably going to have to practice it everyday. Which while that in its self not a big deal, it's irritating to someone who after a couple of dry runs could do the entire dance routine entitled "Commencement" from 93 or 94. That piece is ten times more technically difficult, is six minutes thirty five seconds and doesn't repeat vs. the hula which is less technically difficult, is two minutes and twenty eight seconds, and repeats. Not that I could do the lifts anymore - but still.

One of the funny things about this hula is I asked a long time ago what the phrase "tu lay-lay" was in Hawaiian my teacher didn't think it was actually Hawaiian - and when we got to the end of He Mele No Lilo I said, "there Tu lay-lay!" It took her a couple of playings to hear it, and then she said, I don't know what it is - I speculated that maybe it's "to Lilo"? Well, I was just looking it up and it's actually Kulele and it looks like it might mean "cast forth" or something. I'll ask next class, now that I have it in actual Hawaiian.

But I know it, I love it, and class is moving on. It's sad the Kahiko hula we learned, that I loved, I barely remember. Daily hula practice? Might become necessary if I want to keep any of these hulas in my head. Hula frustrates me SO much some days....

In other news, it's been super busy here, and doesn't show any sign of stopping anytime soon. Everything is accelerating to the cowboy trip - exit date 2/12 at Oh-Dark-Thirty. *shudder* How I love to fly. This weekend we're heading to B'ham to work out some Will provisions for my Mom (no death immanent or anything, just something that needs to get done) and will also start the epic battle of "Who's driving from AZ to NM." Should be lively. I also still have to buy some Wrangler jeans, warm socks and thermal undies.

Wish me luck!


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