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Aparently part one of the Deadly Hallows is coming out this November. In 3D no less.


And, seems like the Narnia troubles are fixed and The Voyage of the Dawn Treader is coming out in December (Christmas time). Nifty. (Also in 3D - anyone else feel like the 80's are back? Although they use it better these days. Less shock, more realisim.)

And, there's even trailers.

Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Although I still have to say, Susan gets screwed and it's irritating. For boys and makeup, seriously? Anyhoo....

I've also heard that Last Airbender is getting shit reviews. I'll see what [ profile] rhienelleth thinks - since she'll see it before me. Since the claim is that the plot is crap, I'm having a hard time buying it since M. Night is a huge freaking fan boy of the show - and didn't want to cut anything from the first season...Well, we'll see.
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Hellboy and American Gladiators

Hellboy auditions for Mun2

Hellboy with Chuck the Movie Guy

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From [ profile] scarlettina to [ profile] stannex to [ profile] dthon to me to all of you....

I bring you funny Hellboy adds...

Public Service Announcement

Inside the Actor's Studio

Hellboy and Chuck so awesome!

Hellboy meets The Ghost Hunters

Now all we need is a Supernatural cross over....
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Ironically I didn't even think about explaining the fact that it is one of the very, very few "fairy" based things I tolerate. I nearly laughed my ass off when [ profile] rhienelleth and [ profile] bsdotrand were both like, "WTF?!?!" So here's why it's on the OK list.

I saw this when I was very small, and watched it a lot when I was very small. My hatred of fairies is pretty much centered around the little buggers with wings, but as I grew older and discovered there were other kinds, my dislike expanded to include most things called "the fae". I've always liked elves (I know, I know) but only the kind like Tolkien's, and D&D varieties, but not the classic types (like the Daoine Sidhe). Evil bastards. most of the characters in the story didn't really register as "fairies". The king and the princess look like elves, and Puck looks like a satyr, and the Kobold looks like Howdy Dowdy. The little winged icky things just kind of dance around, and aren't really part of the story. So as a kid I liked the story. The human does all the work anyway and the only thing he gets out of it is a lot of food for himself and his family.(Typical fairy gratitude for you.)

So mostly it's the warm fuzzies from childhood, and the fact that as a child I didn't recognize most of the characters as fairies.

We all have our weak moments.
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So, I've been looking for this cartoon that I watched as a kid (a lot) that Mom taped off of TV. I'd been looking for the name of it - and some trace of it for years. Today I googled it and found it on IMDB. Then, somehow, I found it on YouTube. Unbelievable. Once quick look, and I knew this was it. The weird guy, the puck - the voice of the evil shadow. Wow. I also found out that it was a Brain Froud bit of work. Nifty.

So here it is in three parts. Now hopefully I won't lose it again.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Which reminds me...there are some kid books I'm still looking for....
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Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon

This looks funny - anyone else know anything about this?


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