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In the end the house was cleaned the guests arrived, and absolute havoc happened with the XOBX connections, creating no less than three trips to Fry's and the last trip ended with a dud Ethernet cable. That was about when the swearing hit full volume and long length. In the end we used the shorter cable and had the guest's XBOX precariously perched - but it worked and much play was had by the boys. Lots of 2AM late nights. Good talk, good food and some costume based crafting trips for us girls. (Oh, and they brought us a wireless router, so now we have that for those guests who are laptop happy.)

Random good luck roll - getting lights at the Lowes next door, I finally found lamp shades for those damn lamps in the Library!

They are off back to home, but we had a great time and I can't wait to do it again - maybe for just a bit longer next time.

Just going to try to stay on top of the house work going forward. :)

PS - Thanks for the offer [ profile] twilight2000, but I didn't get back to LJ until after the deadline. :)
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The ridiculously fun Viking Game I mentioned (A logic physics game with frozen Vikings. Be sure to read the little posted signs.) It's a free flash game.

And the berry that changes your taste buds:

The Wiki
The NY Times Article
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There's this place that has free games, and they are simple, with beautiful art and sound. They have names, but you pick by images, not titles and have no idea what you are getting until you've been around a while. They're very arty and simple and yet fabulous.

My favorite is the game represented by a bell (third box in from the right) called Winterbells. You have a little rabbit and you jump bells into the sky - the higher you go and the more bells (and the occasional dove) you bounce off you get more points. But it's all really about the little bunny defying gravity.

Look around, it's well worth it - and so very, very pretty.

Orisinal: Morning Sunshine


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