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She's started a blog over on blogger called "A Yankee Girl Down Under". I've successfully managed to syndicate it over to LJ.

If you want to follow here you can find her here: [ profile] mellissainoz

Since she doesn't follow on LJ, if you want to comment, head over to the actual blog.

(And sometime I'll try getting back here to write, really.)

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Looking for something affordable and handmade this Holiday season? Try these friends of mine:

For wire jewelry with semiprecious and precious stones go check out [ profile] rhienelleth's Byzantium Lotus. As an extra bonus, she's offering a sale until Sunday! Use the coupon code Xmas2010 at checkout to save 20% off their entire order. This includes items already on sale, like the gorgeous Jewels of Hatshepsut Egyptian Coil Bracelet, which is already marked down 30%

For holiday ornaments, gift tags, magnets and some other fun clay stuff check out [ profile] winifred's Wayard Clay Baubles.

For bellydance skirts, vintage outfits and patterns and vintage and steampunk findings head over to [ profile] cheriezel's Sew Cherie.

For beaded wonders in bracelet, earring, necklace and wine glass flavors go check out [ profile] scarlettina's Rain City Arts.

For lovely art on just about everything including iPhone cases go see [ profile] mischief_wa's Cobalt Moon. She carries animal, holiday and geek art, so she's got something for everyone on your list!

My friends make some pretty cool shit, and these ones actually sell it! Go out and support handmade gifts!
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It's always interesting to go watch a rehearsal.

It always brings back similarities and differences and memories. Sitting in this gaggle of girls ([ profile] twilight2000, [ profile] scarlettina, [ profile] winifred and myself) who all have a lot of performance experience (acting, lighting, singing, dancing, stage managing, marching band and "rock" band are just the ones I know for sure) it was even more apparent. None of us are Barbershop people, and I have no idea what the requirements are, but these are champions, and so I figured it was a pretty damn good example. But with us all together, we couldn't help but compare and contrast to what *we* had done. Although to be fair, it was mostly me, [ profile] twilight2000 and [ profile] scarlettina. It made even the repetition of the two songs they were having trouble with easy to go through. I did love the warm up vocalizations, and had a Sister Act 2 flashback.

Of course why you're really there (and what got you in the seat in the first place) is to go support, watch and cheer for a friend. [ profile] mischief_wa was quite good (from what I could tell) and although the front needs to jell a bit more, they're doing just fine. One thing I don't know (and am curious about, [ profile] mischief_wa) is how uniform they need to be in what they do. If everyone does the same motion, is it like chorus dancing or colorguard where everyone must be absolutely together or is there more personal interpretational leeway?

That group is serious about getting people to join them as well, with a very pushy (in a nice amusing way) recruitment lady. There was lots of fun while we were introduced to the chorus, and occasionally our 4 were very interactive. There was plenty of fun and laughs, and I think they'll do well with a few more screws tightened up. It's never good when people call it in, but if [ profile] mischief_wa is right and a lot of people are, they are pretty damn fine calling it in - but I know that the judges will be much harsher than I. Just because it's exhibition doesn't mean you can't get egg on your face.

They ran a wee bit long, and because [ profile] scarlettina was exhausted, we headed out right after the rehearsal was over just before ten. Dropping everyone off, I ended up with me and [ profile] twilight2000 sitting in the car - this should not happen. Both [ profile] twilight2000 and I get going and we just talk and talk and talk. Finally at one thirty we shut up and went our separate ways. I swear. We need an alarm. I feel pretty bad for [ profile] twilight2000 since she had to get up this morning and has a long and annoying day ahead of her.

But in the end, it reinforced that I miss some kind of performing, and although I'm pretty sure I'm not a Barbershop candidate, it did put me in the mood to sing. I need practice for sure, and I miss the octave I've lost in the upper register. But then, I think of theater and dance.....


Anyone got ideas?


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