Apr. 30th, 2014

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Supernatural is a show that reminds me of the old days of high school and college - admittedly without the guns, cool car and credit card fraud. It was an old home week show for me; kind of like a cross between comfort food and reliving the glory days. I quit after season six I think, due to the plots just getting dumber and the bad guys getting so uninteresting. I stretch for about 50 minutes every morning and I've been re-watching it on Netflix. Re-watching the series has been fun but the most interesting realization came about with yesterday's episode which is one of my favorite episodes ever. "The Monster at the End of this Book" is hilarious for so many reasons; the writers making fun of themselves with some serious nods in a good and gentle joking way about Supernatural fans. Favorite quotes:

Dean Winchester: [Reading on the computer] There's Sam Girls and Dean Girls and- What's a slash fan?

Sam Winchester: As in Sam-slash-Dean. Together.

Dean Winchester: Like "together" together?

Sam Winchester: Yeah.

Dean Winchester: [Horrified] They do know we're brothers, right?

Sam Winchester: Doesn't seem to matter.

Dean Winchester: Oh, comeon, that... that's just sick.  
(getting very emotional)
Oh, my god! That was one of my favorite ones, because Dean was so... strong... and sad and brave. And Sam... I mean, the best parts are when they'd cry. You know, like in – In "Heart," when Sam had to kill Madison, the first woman since Jessica he really loved. And in "Home," when Dean had to call John and ask him for help.
(she turns away)
Gosh... if only real men were so open and in touch with their feelings.
Did you really have to live through the bugs?


What about the ghost ship?

Yes, that too.

I am so sorry. I mean, horror is one thing, but to be forced to live bad writing... if I would have known it was real, I would have done another pass.

Dean Winchester: [about Chuck being a prophet] Him? Really?

Castiel: You should've seen Luke.

Anyway it's a hilarious episode - but I also realized that it's a suprisingly deep episode; it's the evil version of the Jesus' moment of doubt in Gethsemane. The demon Lilith comes to Sam to make a deal, to end the up coming apocalypse since she learned that she won't survive it. Taken in order, you can't see it since you don't know that Lilith has to die to free Lucifer from the pit. They treat the demons who want to free Lucifer as the demons of faith - since they're humans that have been...tortured into demons. They want to free Lucifer their god, and it's going to take the death of Lilith the first demon to make it happen. Instead of a lonely moment in a garden it's a deal in a by the hour hotel room with sex to seal the deal. But both of them have to decide that they are willing to go through a torturous death for what they believe in.

Nice little grace note of writing that you can't see until you re-watch it.


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